Leaded and Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

When it is time to repair a treasured leaded or stained glass panel in your home call on the experts with over 40 years experience.

In many instances, we can determine what work is needed by email or phone. Please email us your photos and a brief summary of the damage for the most accurate estimate.

If the damage is minor (cracked glass and no damage to the lead) we can usually perform on site repairs. For more extensive issues involving cracked glass and/or lead damage, we need to remove the panel and bring it back to our shop for repair. If panel removal is necessary we board up the glass opening so your home is secure while the repairs are being performed.

We then disassemble the damaged piece, replace broken glass and any damaged lead, zinc or brass came(the skeletal structure of the glass panel) and thoroughly clean it. The panel is re-assembled, delivered to your home and carefully put back into its rightful place.




This photo shows a simple leaded and stained glass repair that can usually be done on site. The unit is single glaze which means it is not insulated. There is one broken piece of glue chip glass with no beveling and the lead is in good shape. Lead that is in good shape will not have any bending, cracking or splitting.








Many leaded and stained glass panels are insulated units.  The leaded or stained glass is placed between two pieces of safety tempered glass and sealed for energy efficiency and ease of cleaning.  If your insulated unit is shattered we can replace the shattered glass, all broken glass, clean and re-seal.  The unit will need to be removed and brought to our shop for repair

Request a Repair

Please attach photos of inside and outside area of existing unit. For leaded glass repairs, please attach photos of broken glass, any lead damage, and the full glass panel—inside and outside. Also include any special requests or instructions.

Leaded Glass Repair Form