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Door removal 1Count On Quality Installation For Your Customized Front Door

When it’s time to install your new wrought iron door or wood door, the expertise of our crew is especially valuable. They’re dedicated to making sure your new front door is properly installed and reliably functional for years of enjoyment. Each crew member is a respected personal friend of A&A owners Terry and Lisa Adams, and they all share the business philosophy of delivering the very best A+ installation possible. Regardless of cost to the company, our expert door installers can be trusted to make the best decision for the benefit of our customers.

Each installation presents its own set of challenges, but with over 30 years of experience, our crew knows how to handle every situation. For example, older homes typically require specialized attention to detail when installing a front door due to the variety of materials used, odd dimensions, and multiple remodels done to the house over time. When removing existing brick or stucco between the front door, sidelights and transom are required, it is critical to your project’s success to have installation experts who have masonry experience.

Each step in A&A’s quality checklist is part of our professional process for a superior door installation

• Measurements are verified on new front door unit prior to demolition
• Customer inspects new door unit and gives approval before the demolition of the old unit begins
• A plastic barrier is hung to create an enclosed work area to contain the dust and debris when possible
• Masonite is laid to protect your floors and surfaces
• Door unit is set when the frame is bolted to the house and the door is hung
• We rarely encounter a perfectly straight wall, so we take the extra time to accurately plumb and level the door unit for smooth operation of the door
• Threshold is expertly fitted on-site to ensure a proper fit and seal
• High quality insulation is installed between the door frame and wall studs
• Trim is installed, caulked, and wiped down with a finished, neat, weather-tight seal
• All nail holes are filled and painted
• We clean, vacuum and remove all debris
• Inspection of door install by owner Terry Adams and customer
• Old door unit is donated to Habitat for Humanity

A quality install will take 6-10 hours depending on the size of the unit


Choose your new front door today with an eye toward tomorrow

Every entryway has its own particulars, which can affect how well your new front door will withstand all the usage and movement in the years ahead. Details you can’t see could turn into major and expensive issues years down the road.

We insist only the best will do and our front door experts have decades of dedicated experience and take pride in planning and preparing your project to save you future problems.

Since 1978 we have provided our Dallas and Fort Worth clients with unique custom doors installed by skilled, experienced master craftsman.

All new things begin at the threshold of a door.
Opportunities. Memories. Gatherings. Life.

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